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Sh!t Just Got Real

2012-05-14 17:11:42 by Mugeenman2

Alright. I said a few months ago that I had a few projects lined up. However none of them really started :P But this month and into the coming months I have many things prepared without any failures as of yet. Be prepared to see a few youtube links, theyre my projects. Boys and girls; be ready for a new internet celebrity to break through the ranks.

Sh!t Just Got Real

Darn you social life

2011-11-19 03:13:50 by Mugeenman2

Man have I been busy. I want to get to work on my many many MANY projects but when I do my social life just gets in the way.I need to focus on my work.


2011-09-02 20:24:38 by Mugeenman2

Do you need a voice actor who doesn't care how horrible the animation or lines is/are? Look no further. I have voiced in some of the worst machinima videos ever to curse Youtube. I'm like if Rina-Chan was a gu... gir... I don't really know which category she falls under. But anyways, just PM me and I'll voice any role you throw my way!

After three years

2011-08-14 00:57:25 by Mugeenman2

I've been trying to get my name out into the internet world for three years, now Gonzossm says he may use me in a future video, I got Rina-Chan for a cameo in one of my machinimas, I'm making a deal WITH Machinima, looks like I'm finally carving my path